Chronic Sinusitis

This refers to a long standing inflammation of the sinuses. Symptoms lasting over 12 weeks can indicate chronic sinusitis.
These include:

  • Nasal Discharge 
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Blocked Nose
  • Headaches & Facial Pressure
  • Poor Sense of smell
  • Teeth or Gum Pain
  • Tiredness 

Treatment begins with antibiotics, saline rinses of the sinuses and occasionally nasal sprays. If symptoms fail to improve however, minimally invasive ("endoscopic") sinus surgery may be considered. This involves targeted and delicate surgery within the the nose to improve breathing and ventilation of the sinuses, remove any inflamed tissue and suction out infected mucus. Your surgeon will discuss these options with you after a complete history, examination include endoscopy of the nose, and in most cases, a CT scan of the sinuses.