A blocked nose in children is a very common symptom. Thankfully, it typically relates to blockage from a common cold or viral upper respiratory tract infection, and tends to improve naturally over several days. A persistent or chronic blocked nose however, can be cause for concern. It can indicate any number of possible causes, that may need to be investigated:

  • enlarged adenoids
  • enlarged turbinates
  • allergic rhinitis ("hayfever")
  • deviated septum
  • foreign body
  • choanal atresia
  • growths in the nose or sinus

Untreated blocked nose can cause poor sleep, and poor concentration. It can also affect growth of the facial bones, and commonly lead to forward protrusion of the top teeth, sometimes requiring braces.

Your specialist will investigate a blocked nose with an examination of the nasal passages, and frequently an X-ray, before discussing treatment options with you.