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Speak to the team at ENT INSTITUTE for treatment of all Thyroid conditions including:

  • Thyroid nodules
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Thyroid surgery

Welcome to the home of ENT Institute, located in Penrith on the banks of the Nepean River.

We are a specialist Ear Nose Throat Head & Neck Surgery medical practice. We look forward to providing compassionate, safe and skilful care to you and your loved ones.

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You can reach us on (02) 4731 2232


Meet Dr Sritharan, our resident Thyroid specialist.

Dr Sritharan has specialized training and background in surgical management of the thyroid and parathyroid conditions.

After completing ENT and Head & Neck Surgery training in Australia, he spent almost 2 further years in the USA for Fellowship training.

A considerable portion of this time focused on thyroid cancer surgery, at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, in Boston.

He has published journal articles and book chapters related to thyroid conditions and was mentored by world leaders in nerve monitoring technology in thyroid surgery.

His wealth of knowledge is here to help you with your unwanted thyroid condition.


Broadly speaking, there are 4 reasons for thyroid surgery. They are the “4 C’s“

  • CANCER - or suspected thyroid Cancer. Fortunately, the outcomes for patients are generally excellent. After necessary tests, thyroid surgery for cancer is performed. Further treatment may be required after surgery.
  • COMPRESSION - large thyroid glands, called goitres, can obstruct the breathing and swallowing passages of the throat. Surgery may be required in this case.
  • CHEMISTRY - the thyroid can become overactive or underactive. Blood tests and other investigations usually reveal the issue. If medication is not successful in controlling the disorder, surgery may be necessary.
  • COSMESIS - A swollen thyroid gland, due to diffuse enlargement (goitre) or nodules can affect the shape of the neck and throat. Surgery may be an option in this case.

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